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 "Today I was telling a friend about our trip and words could not adequately describe the spiritual experience I had.  It was life changing.  I went hoping to see a manatee and had an experience beyond my wildest dreams.  I felt such a connection with them.  It started with our special greeter when we were in the boat;  then continued with the baby manatee whose face I held in my hands and whose flippers hugged me; and ended with singing "Peace is Flowing Like a River" in the "Three Sisters" an area of Peace, Tranquility, and Harmony.  It was there that I felt one with nature.
I can not thank you enough for being so patient with this novice swimmer and guiding me further on my spiritual path.
 - Geri USA

Wild Horses Adventure Spiritual Travel with Tobias Lars

We are currently talking to several places to Re-Start the 'Wild Horse Adventure'
Due to illness our director at the New Mexican Horse Project had to cease operations.We are looking at 2 places that we would recommend at this time:
1. www.ReturnToFreedom.org - if you remember 'Cimarron' the stallion in the movie -
this is the place he was from.
Meanwhile you can see below an example of what we did before...to get a feel for the spirit in which we do this Adventure.
Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to be on the notification list for when this Adventure is up and running again.

A young, newly discovered Stallion at the Sanctuary
we will be visiting in cooperation with the
New Mexican Horse Project.(click for their website)
Early Registration Discount
60 Day+ out
Contact for Details 
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Wild Horses Adventure!
-Walk with Wild Horses!

-An Eco Spiritual Travel Adventure, Spiritual Vacation & Spiritual Retreat

-4 'Freedom of Horses' filled days!

*5 or more people and we can customize dates for your group

Tobias Lars - BS, MBA, Mensa - founder and Director of SpiriTravel.com

"When you re-connect to a free (not domesticated) animal - when you connect with their spirit - you will help re-awaken that part in yourself - your freedom, your energy, your Spirit, your connection to all Life. And at the same time you will support that animal's collective spirit and help support the larger Eco sphere of our planet."

for a CNN story on these horses - click here.

Click here for beautiful song & video "Release Me" - Every Spring on Bassholmen, an island off the west coast of Sweden 20-30 young stallions are set free for the summer, to run and be free and learn to socialize with each other. It represents beautifully some of the spirit we have lost by not respecting the Freedom that the Horse represents for humans.


Come Experience these unique horses - truly a piece of North American history.

These are Truly Wild Horses, not 'released' domesticated horses, they have never been domesticated.

They are descendants of the horses that first returned to the North American Continent when they escaped from the Spanish explorers.

Join us for a once in a lifetime experience of Walking with truly Wild Horses!

Carlos Lopopolo, director of the New Mexico Horse Project has graciously arranged forSpiriTravel.comSanctuary of Souls to have a personalized, customized adventure at their Wild Horse Sanctuary and to come and experience these truly free and wild horses on their Preserves.

The New Mexican Horse Project is dedicated to providing sanctuaries for these horses that are descended from the original Spanish Mustenos (Mustangs). These horses are not horses that have been released back into the wild, these horses have never been domesticated and have always run free. A free born horse is a unique animal compared to domesticated horses. Their energy and awareness is completely different.

Cost- $1195 -includes 'Sanctuary for Souls' Spiritual Retreat, lodging & meals & all activities at the Wild Horse Preserves of NMHP.org with portions going to support their foundation's aims of providing a sanctuary for horses and educating the public on the plight of these wild horses.

click on picture for details of what's included with the 'Sanctuary' portion of our Adventures

$495 -Horses Only Option - great for families, individuals or couples who want to only participate in the Wild Horse Encounter portions of the Adventure.
As a participant a portion of your fee also goes towards you becoming a member of the NMHP.org foundation in support of their efforts to save these descendants of America's original wild horses. Note: for this option you will arrange your own lodging and meals.

History of the Mustang
The Horse evolved in the Americas, then became extinct here about 10,000 years ago. The first time they returned here was with the Spanish colonialists and the first viable heard to 'escape' back into freedom, occurred a bit east of the Acoma Pueblo in modern day New Mexico.

Here's an excerpt from Carlos Lopopolo's historical time line of the Spanish colonialists and their horses:

". 1598: The muster rolls for the original Onate entrada showed that he and the settlers brought to New Mexico over 1500 head of horses and mules, (1007 horses, 237 mares, 137 colts and 91 mules. 119 of these horses and 85 of the mares belonged to Onate, the other horses and mares were owned by the settlers. After a brief severe winter at San Juan Pueblo, Onate resettled his people at San Gabriel across the river from the original settlement. Very few documents relate to the livestock of the settlers however one incident occurred where a report was made, it was a military event. In 1599 during the month of October a patrol that was going to the pueblo of Zuni encountered a freak snow storm that caused a halt to the march and forced the patrol to set up camp approximately twelve leagues west of the pueblo of Acoma. During the evening in blizzard like conditions, almost thirty head of horses managed to break out of the temporary corrals set up by the soldiers. The next day when it was found that the horses had escaped the soldiers mounted a search but to no avail.This is the first band of horses, of record, in what is now the United States of America to run free."

(excerpt from New Mexico Horse Project 'History' time line, copyright by Carlos Lopopolo.)

Here's another history of the Spanish Mustang by Nancy Pearson ofWildSideRanch.com (click)

AWHPC- American Wild Horse Preservation Society - (more) are dedicated to preserving the Wild Horses of America

See the New Mexican Horse Project featured in this Documentary -

Click here to see a clip of Len Johnson Productions' award winning documentary 'Last of the Spanish Mustangs'


We will be meeting at the 'Southern Preserve' in Escondida, New Mexico. It's about 70 miles from Albuquerque to Escondida, just north of Socorro, where we will be going to spend time with the 'Southern herd'.

The Southern Preserve is situated on 1920 acres just east of the little town Escondida, with 20 miles of trail winding through the breathtakingly beautiful red hills of this northern Chihuahuan Desert site. We will be spending two days here, each day walking out with the horses. After our time with the horses we will gather around a fire and enjoy the spirit of this timeless place.

The New Mexican Horse Project has a 'Northern Preserve' at Campbell Ranch in the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque. This is a much larger preserve of 50 square miles! These horses are much harder to find and would require a week or so often out in the wilderness to locate. This offers the horses a preserve where they can live naturally and free. Special trips to the Northern Preserve can be customized for those hearty souls that are willing and have the time to spend exploring for longer periods of time. Contact us for details on customizing trip.Contact

Cancellation Policy: We would love to keep it absolutely flexible and be able to let people cancel at anytime but because of small groups and occasionally having to turn people away these are the policies we believe are fair.

90+ days out: full refund minus $100 re booking fee which is applicable to any of our future SpiriTravel Eco Adventures. 

60-90 days out: 1/2 refund and other half applicable to any of our SpiriTravel Eco Adventures.

0-60 Days out: full credit applicable for future SpiriTravel Eco Adventures.

Note: if you or we find a replacement to take your space we will give you a full refund minus $100 handling fee at any time.

The 'Sanctuary for Souls' Course

During our Eco Spiritual - Adventure we will be incorporating some of the following easy, enjoyable, simple, proven and true exercises used by Teachers over the centuries --

These are simple easy to learn ways of healing, undoing stress, and connecting to your own spirit that you will be able to easily incorporate into your life after the retreat.

Calming the Mind – In this exercise which usually turns into fun and laughter, we will be letting our thoughts and our mindtalk free so that they can be released. It’s like we are taking the lid off a pressure cooker and allowing it to relax and find it’s own level. After a while of using this method we find our thoughts and minds coming to rest in a peaceful, balanced, harmonious place. Many people find that with just this one exercise they have a major shift in feeling more peaceful, joyful and powerfully centered.

Inner Body Awakening – An enjoyable, easy and comforting method for becoming more aware of our Inner Body. The Inner Body also known as the Etheric Body is an exact duplicate of our ideal physical body. This Etheric Body is what leaves our physical bodies when we have an out of body experience or pass on to our next existance. The Inner Body is what creates, feeds, and heals our physical bodies. Contacting and truly feeling and inhabiting this Inner Body assists in us being comfortable in and being able to relax & enjoy our bodies. People have reported whole new relationships and healings with their bodies by doing just this simple method.

Physical Energy Awakening – As most of us know nowadays, our bodies end up carrying most of our stress and there is gathering evidence that almost all of our dis-eases are rooted in stressing our bodies. The body knows innately how to release these stuck, held back, pent up energies. Animals do this freely, easily and automatically. Watch how dogs will shake their heads and bodies to feel better and more aligned. See how the ducks flap their wings to release pent up energy and then settle down, see how cats stretch and ‘vibrate’ their bodies filling themselves with energy, see how birds ‘puff’ their feathers out and re-energize themselves etc.

This exercise is designed to let our bodies naturally and easily realign themselves, and free themselves of any unwanted, stuck or uncomfortable energies they’ve been carrying. This is where we help the Inner Body-Etheric Body to re-integrate and connect with our physical bodies.

Simple Connected Breathing'The Breath of Life' has been called Prana by the Hindus, ki by the Japanese, Chi by the Chinese, Ruahk by the Greeks. This is the Living Soul Breath Word of God. With this method we connect with and allow the Life Force to re-fill us, re-set our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Amazing clearings, awakenings, rejuvenations occur during this simple exercise.

Laughter Yoga -Pure Laughter & Merriment – We have all heard it said that-- “Laughter is the best medicine.”
Dr. Bernie Siegel cured his cancer using only laughter by watching funny movies.
There are hundreds of cases of laughter healing supposedly terminally ill patients.

Watch this video and try not to laugh! Click Here: Pure Laughter

Or here to watch a CNN report on Laughter Yoga. Or John Cleese visits Laughter Club in Mumbai, India.

With this enjoyable technique we let laughter wash over and through us…usually there are a few people who have truly tearspilling, gut busting healing laughter occur during this playful exercise.

Love – The “My Cup Runneth Over” Exercise- God is Love, The Power of Love is the strongest power in the Universe, though often in the current model of civilization on Earth we have come to believe that Mind and thinking are more powerful.

In this exercise we will activate the Energy of Love into our hearts, minds and bodies in a strong physical way. Besides being one of the most enjoyable feelings and energy, Love also heals us on every level.

Guests are not required to participate in all excursions or activities.

And the Best for Last!
We will be learning one of the simplest methods on the planet, a method incorporating Jesus's forgiveness, the emptying the mind techniques of the Buddha & Zen masters and the Bhakta heart devotion of ancient India...all in one simple technique the ancient Hawaiians discovered...called:


This is an ancient Hawaiian technique that we will be learning and using to heal our selves, those around us, and our civilization during our retreat. Simple, easy, incredibly effective and powerful. Please read how one doctor
healed patients at a psychiatric institution by using this ancient Hawaiian method by following the link below.


(article titled "There's Got to Be an Easier Way")
Hoo means cause in Hawaiian and ponopono means perfection.

Call to Reserve your Space -



LodgingIncluded in $1195 - feel free to find your own and let us know if you find something interesting.

During our Adventure we will be staying at:


This is a true old Ranch and will give you a wonderful flavor of the True West. It is located just a bit south of Socorro and is about a 20 min drive to where we'll be meeting to go out to be with the horses.

If we spend time up at Northern Preserve here are some suggestions of places to stay.



300 Camino de las Huertas
Placitas, NM 87043
Phone: 505-771-9055
Toll Free: 1-877-258-4677
i This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
3 rooms: $89--$120

Mountains, mesas, sunsets, stars . . .The natural beauty of New Mexico surrounds our adobe-style B&B in the high desert foothills of Placitas, located just minutes from Albuquerque and not far from Santa Fe. Three comfortable Southwestern rooms, each with its own private bath and fireplace, a relaxing courtyard, inviting gathering room, delicious full breakfasts, afternoon treats and friendly hospitality await you. Our convenient location makes it easy to visit galleries, shop, hike or take one of many day trips in the area. The Blue Horse - a great place to begin and end your day as you explore beautiful New Mexico.
Innkeepers: Tom & Catherine Hansen

Note: it's only 8 mi over to Sandia Park, but it will take you 45 minutes to drive over a rocky road. Tom tells us that he drives it in a car. Enjoy the adventure! He also tells us that they have wild horses right outside their house sometimes



27 Autumnwood Ct
Edgewood, NM 87015
(505) 281 - 2072
Toll Free: 1-877-281-2072

l This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2 rooms; $79 to $119

Enjoy the quiet country hospitality of this cedar home on ten acres sitting atop a hill surrounded by pinions and panoramic views. Antique bedrooms with featherbeds and private baths. Garden gazebo with waterfall, hot tub, fireplaces, and pool table. Hiking and horseback riding.
Innkeepers: Andy and Lisa Kwas

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Friends, Family, Corporate groups.

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