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 "Today I was telling a friend about our trip and words could not adequately describe the spiritual experience I had.  It was life changing.  I went hoping to see a manatee and had an experience beyond my wildest dreams.  I felt such a connection with them.  It started with our special greeter when we were in the boat;  then continued with the baby manatee whose face I held in my hands and whose flippers hugged me; and ended with singing "Peace is Flowing Like a River" in the "Three Sisters" an area of Peace, Tranquility, and Harmony.  It was there that I felt one with nature.
I can not thank you enough for being so patient with this novice swimmer and guiding me further on my spiritual path.
 - Geri USA

Sedona Spirit Adventures - Spiritual Travel with Tobias Lars

2016 'Course of Awakening' dates:
July 17,18,19 (full) & Oct 9,10,11,2015
$295 for weekend Course
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Customize a Private Sedona Retreat   for just you or your Group


Customized Sedona Spiritual  Retreats

Sedona Spiritual Adventure Retreats 
$1195 for 4 days including Lodging Soul Sessions & self guided 'Spirit Walks'.

Private Soul Sessions:
Soul Retrieval, Soul Script Readings, Soul Activations included. 

Explore Sacred Sites - On your own -
We will recommend places for you to go on your own 'Vision Quests', Spirit Walks.
Vortexes, Labyrinths, Cliff Dwellings, 
Indian Ruins, Petroglyphs! Easy walks 
to sacred places - then relaxing and 
enjoying Nature.

Contact for Details 928 451 9068 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sedona Spirit Adventures
4 Day Retreats -  Private Customized
Dates available.

Customized retreats with -  Soul Readings, Soul Activations.


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                              Sacred Ruins - Sedona


'Shaman's Cave' - for healing

'Sound Ceremony' 

Sacred Pools

"Sitting in the Indian ruins and just hearing the quiet was amazing. Thank you for recommending this place. When I come back, which I will, I will do it again." --Stephanie R., Boston MA

 "Thank you for the Soul Sessions - the most powerful I've felt in this life. I highly recommend them for anyone going to Sedona that wants to experience something out of the ordinary. Thank you for the guidance." --Tom P., Portland OR


Sedona single Day Adventures -(These walks were inspired by "Appreciating Nature"click for article below.)

Tobias Lars BS, MBA, Mensa

"Experience the Mystical side of Sedona - Hawaii's 'sister vortex', with my friend Tobias. You will never forget the undeniable super-energy experience!" 
- Pila of Hawaii, author, Fortune 1000 Speaker, 5 Star rating Amazon, Barnes & Noble for over 15 years.

"Thunder Mountain"


"Thank you for the Soul Sessions - I really needed to hear about a situation in my life. The Peace I felt was the healing I needed. And the message from Spirit that I received was a soothing calm for my heart. Thank you so much."
--Sue A. Ohio

Powerful Soul Sessions & Self Guided 'Spirit Walks' focusing on  Opening your Spirit:

NOTE: Your 'Spirit Walks'  on the land are SELF GUIDED - On Your Own
Since  Permits are  now required to take people on the Land - We will recommend places for you to go on the Land as part of your Retreat, and help you review your experiences in the next Soul Session.

Here's a few samples of Sedona single Day Adventures walks you could do:

Airport Vortex -- beautiful 360 degree views of the Sedona area. This is a popular place because of ease of access. We will give you instructions to  a private place to experience this extraordinary place.


                    Views from top & Ancient Pine and rare snow at Airport Mesa

Coffe Pot Rock Evening Sunset Walk -- this is a famous landmark in west Sedona. While in town you may hear of the restaurant by that name. You will walk across large red rock flat areas, gentle incline on well traveled paths, and up to an amazing vantage point of the valleys below to watch the sunset play on the red rocks.


Path at Cathedral Rock & Sedona Pine

Cathedral Rock -- this is also one of the famous landmarks here in Sedona. You will have a gentle walk through a (usually) dry stream bed and up over large areas of flat red rock as we approach the 'Cathedral'. You will find some serene spots that will allow you the quiet and reflection that this spot offers.

Slide Rock Evening Walk -- Slide Rock is one of the most famous spots in Sedona. Oak Creek has carved amazing natural formations into the solid red rock itself. You will go for an evening walk in this ancient carved stone garden after the crowds have left. There's a stillness at sunset that gives a whole different experience of calm, of peace, of timelessness in this canyon.

The Stream is the Master Artist of Red Rock carvings! & Sedona Sunset

Native American Ruins -- There are several accessible Native American Ruins in the area. Some are maintained by the Park Service and some are hidden away. We will share info with you so you can explore these on your own.

Oak Creek: There are many walking trails up in Oak Creek Canyon, this is not so much 'Red Rock Vistas' but foliage & hiking by the creek.

West Fork in Oak Creek

928.451.9068  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Customized Spirit Adventure Tour to HOPI Land

HOPI Adventure-
The space on the Hopi Mesas is still very mysterious and reality can be very fluid. These are custom designed adventure trips for those that feel drawn to it. It could be just for you, or you and a friend or a very small group. We would have no specific agenda except to visit and see what happens and let Spirit guide us. Some people experience magical openings into other times and dimensions and trickster 'Heyoka' spirits cleverly guiding them. If you feel drawn to the Hopi Lands Tobias will customize and allow Spirit to guide us on a personalized, private mystical vision quest. 2 day adventure.  Click Here for article 'How the Hopi create their World.'

Cost: 1 person $495, 2 people $365 pp, 3-4 people $295 pp. Includes transportation & double occupancy lodging at The Hopi Cultural Center


 "Appreciating Nature"
A Message from Mother Earth
Walking on Water

"Water Walk - Oak Creek"

"Tobias, So very well expressed! Thank you. Blessings in 'Appreciation' -Jade Wah'oo - Shaman & Keeper of The Ways

After a day by Oak Creek in Sedona, sitting in a chair with my feet in the water, hopping on the rocks, sharing blackberries with a skunk and swimming --I received a message from what felt like Mother Earth herself of an easy way to heal ourselves and the planet.

The word 'appreciate' according to Webster's new universal unabridged dictionary means:

1. to value, to esteem...

2. to recognize gratefully...

3. to increase the price...

4. to be fully or sensitively aware...

Shamans use a technique called 'gazing' to expand themselves and connect with deeper aspects of the world around them. This happens naturally whenever we slow down and enter the "Be still and know that I am God" space. Most of us naturally do this as kids, often while playing in nature, when we get absorbed in something that fully captures our attention and we become one with it, merge with it. Patanjali, the 11th century mystic-saint in his sutra teachings called this 'making samyana' on an object or idea. It meant to become one - merged with the object or idea and yogic powers would then open up with this perfect attention - merging.

As I sat and allowed my attention to expand while at the same time becoming more focused and relaxed, I saw-felt how when we love - 'appreciate' - feel gratitude for Nature, we actually lift nature up in vibratory rate. Our love-gratitude-appreciation energy actually infuses the plants, the rocks, the water, the very air around us. We feed them with our Love (God's Love). We are the God seeds, we are the 'made in God's image' creatures-creators that can be the vehicles for Divine Energy.

"The seed of God is in us...Pear seeds grow into pear trees,
hazel seeds into hazel trees,
and God seeds into God."
--Meister Eckhardt (12th century Christian mystic)

The plants, rocks, water around us get 'excited' by our love. The same way an electron gets excited by heat energy and speeds up. Love is the highest energy form in the created universe, it excites everything. The plants, rocks, water, the air - subtle ether feed off of our Love. They want to play with us, they want to share, dance, exchange energy with us. When we give them our attention they notice, when we give them our love they dance.

And then they automatically want to give back to us in the form(s) of beauty they create.

Nature is the most chaotic, rambunctious, dis-organized system there is. Look at the fallen logs, the leaves, the 'dirt', the plants trying to grow through rocks, the rains washing 'away' the earth etc. Yet there is a perfect Order running through-out all of it. No matter how hard we try to imitate her, build aquariums with millions of gallons of water, try to recreate 'natural' zoos, try to 'landscape' our yards --we never even get close to the beauty of what Mother Nature does easily, naturally. We instinctively are awed by Nature's grandeur and beauty. We feel the majesty of the creative force just behind the vista of Nature. A friend of mine once told me that when taking an Alaskan cruise, just sitting on his balcony watching the mountains, the water, the sky...he 'broke open' and started to sob...just from the overwhelming beauty of the pristine, wild, free nature he was seeing.

This is the power, the gift, the efforless love that Nature can share with us.

If we let Her.

Sitting there by the creek Mother Earth said to me:

"There is no 'work' involved with 'appreciating' Me. Just come out into my spaces and Love me, enjoy me, drink me, breathe me, sense me. It will fill you back up. And you will 'save' Me as well. Your Love for the trees, the streams, the rocks, the animals will feed them and keep them safe. Your appreciation of me will 'appreciate' me, will lift me up in vibratory rate, will strengthen me and I will be able to give you more of my beauty and love in return."


"One feels as if one is dissolved, merged into Nature."

Albert Einstein

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